Castle Danger Brewery is a small 3-barrel production brewery located in Castle Danger, Minnesota, 12 miles northeast of Two Harbors off of Highway 61 at Castle Haven Cabins resort.  Clint & Jamie MacFarlane started the brewery journey in March 2010.  Clint brewed his first 3-barrel batch of beer on March 1, 2011.  His love of homebrewing finally turned into a dream-come-true.  He is brewing beer that he loves and knows others will enjoy, too.
How It All Began
Homebrewing is how it all began. Castle Danger Brewery was an early thought when Clint first got into the hobby of home brewing in 2006.  He already had a great taste for craft beer and thought it would be a good idea to start a brewery in the area.  He started developing his own recipes in 2007 and got great reviews from friends and family.
At first, the idea of the brewery was nothing more than that – just an idea.  But when friends and family starting suggesting the idea, it reinforced Clint’s desire to pursue it.  So after a few years and some good original recipes, he decided to take the plunge.  He ordered a 3bbl system from Premier Stainless and set to work on building the brewery building and figuring out all the other necessary start-up equipment.
In the first two years of operating, we have added two additional fermenters (4 total) and two brite tanks, as well as expanding our tap accounts to Grand Marais and Duluth.  Our extremely small batches only allow for 12 tap accounts.
We also welcomed long-time friend Mason Williams as our first employee.  Mason has learned all of his initial brewing skills and information from Clint.  He has completed several courses from the Siebel Institute of Technology.  Clint and Mason are the only brewers at Castle Danger.
Clint is very excited to be producing beer that he enjoys and to be able to bring fresh beer to the local market.  The beers are now on tap in Castle Danger, Two Harbors, Knife River, Beaver Bay, Grand Marais, Lutsen, and Duluth.  You can also pick up a growler at the brewery Fridays 4-7 & Saturdays 3-7pm.

History of the Location

The brewery is situated at Castle Haven Cabins, a small family resort in Castle Danger also run by Clint & Jamie.  The land was originally homesteaded by Jamie’s great-grandfather in 1902.  Her grandfather Marcus Lind built the first cabin in 1933.  They have been running the resort for six years and probably have the only resort-brewery combination in Minnesota.