CDB beers are all designed with a flavor profile in mind.  We may start with a base style, but expand upon it to create something unique.  There are hundreds of great beers that are true-to-style available on the beer market.  We prefer to use traditional brewing practices to produce unique, flavorful beers.  In our minds, this is the only way to approach brewing.

Danger Ale & 17-7 Pale Ale are available year-round, along with a wide variety of seasonal brews that change every few months.  When it’s gone, it’s gone till next year!

Danger Ale
Long ago when cliffs were called castles and between them was a reef that meant danger, is an American strong ale with great hop flavor and target gravity of 6%, making it dangerously good and a true Castle Danger Ale.  Available year round

17-7 Pale Ale
17-7 Pale Ale is named for our future location in downtown Two Harbors, 17 – 7th Street (opening late Spring 2014).  Not as hoppy as our IPA, 17-7 is brewed with Falconer’s Flight hops and has a solid malty backbone.  5.8% ABV, available year round

Castle Cream Ale
Our lightest in flavor beer.  Perfect for those warm summer days by the lake.  Honey and Cara malts combined with a little corn and base malt gives this beer a creamy, refreshingly good taste.  5.5% ABV, summer seasonal

Gale Force Wheat
A new take on a classic style. This beer has that great hefe weizen banana-clove flavor with 77 IBU’s worth of hop additions. Needless to say, this isn’t your father’s wheat beer.  6% ABV, spring seasonal

Nestor Grade Amber Ale
An early fall favorite to help usher in cooler nights and autumn leaves.  Atrong malt aromas with berry-nut and raisin-like flavor, accompanied with three different hop varieties to balance all the malty goodness.
7.0% ABV – 41 IBUs, available September

George Hunter Stout
An Irish classic brewed in memory of Clint’s Great-Great Grandfather George Hunter.  He was an Irish immigrant and brewer at one of the first Minnesota breweries in Tower.  8% ABV, available November

Camp Depression Lager
Crisp, slightly sweet, with a traceable hop finish.  Camp Depression was an old logging camp north of Gooseberry Falls State Park.  For those who stayed, the top bunk meant warm and comfortable, and the bottom bunk meant a long cold night.  Since lagers are bottom and cold fermented, I thought this a suitable name. 5.5%ABV, available early February.

Based off a traditional Finnish beer called Sahti, which claims to be one of the oldest continually brewed styles of beer in the world. Pilsner malt, Juniper berries, and Rye are traditional for the style. We have also added our own tweaks, one includes the use of California Common lager yeast. This golden colored brew will only make it through production twice, so get it while it lasts.

London Crossing IPA Series
Every time we brew our IPA it’s different.  Experimenting with the malt bill and hops has allowed us to sample many varieties of IPAs, from fresh Simcoe & Citra hops to New Zealand hops. 85IBUs and 6.7% ABV

Double Crossing IPA
Our 2nd Anniversary beer was so good, it came back for our 3rd anniversary!  We put an amazing amount of hops into this beer, 4lbs per BBL!  It has a lot of tropical fruit and citrus going on, and clocks in at 9.1% ABV.  It is highly drinkable and balanced, despite the crazy amount of hops, plus being the biggest beer we have brewed to date.  Available Now!

Our Freestyle Series is a collection of beers, past & present, that utilizes the flexibility of our 3-bbl system.  These are one-offs of our mainstays, but also the 1 or 2-batch brews for special events.

Dark Chocolate George Hunter Stout
A variation on our George Hunter Stout.  We added cocoa nibs and lactose to give our stout a sweeter, more chocolately finish.  Quickly becoming a favorite!  8.7% AVB, available now in 750ml & 64oz growlers

A Scottish-inspired ale brewed with heather tips, fresh Castle Danger spruce tips and cranberry.  7%ABV, 2013 winter

Wimpy is a light golden lager with excellent drinkability that is perfect for any occasion.  4.5% ABV, 2013 spring & coming back soon!

Extra Pale Lager (EPL)
Extra Pale Lager is gold in color, has a nice bitterness, and dry hopped with a New Zealand variety called Rakau.  Very Sessionable. 4.75% ABV, spring 2013

Fresh Hop IPA – 2013 Mosaic
Our IPA brewed with wet Mosaic hops from the Pacific Northwest.  Mosaic is a new hop variety bred from Simcoe with a wide range of aromas and flavors:  citrus, pine, earth, herbal, mint, bubblegum, blueberry, lime peel, and black pepper.  7.1% ABV

Gentleman George Hunter
Aged for 10 months in Jack Daniel whiskey barrels, our George Hunter Stout is given a nice bourbon, oak and vanilla flavor.  This specialty beer is sold only in 750ml growlers.  8% ABV, released October 2012

Indulging George Hunter Stout
A variation on our George Hunter Stout, coffee-cake style!  Raspberry, vanilla and cinnamon flavors.  8% ABV, winter 2013