Cynde Holbeck

Here’s a little bit about one of our Taproom Assistants, Cynde Holbeck. She’s an integral part of our taproom team and helps us all keep a smile on our faces. If she pours you a pint in the taproom, be sure to thank her for everything that she does for Team Danger! She also loves a good high-five.

What do you do here?
I am a bartender/taproom assistant. I serve your favorite CDB beverages!

How long have you been working with us?
For two and a half years.

Why were you interested in working for Castle Danger?
While visiting my husband, Todd (who used to work in the packaging department) I often saw smiling faces behind the bar. I like beer and thought it would be a fun job. I was right!

What is your favorite part about your job?
I enjoy talking to customers, especially about beer. Everyone is happy when they have a beer in their hand.

What is your favorite Castle Danger beer? What is your favorite beer outside of Castle Danger?
My favorite CDB beer is the Nordic Juniper Rye Lager (but there are quite a few others I really like, our Mosaic Fresh Hop IPA is fantastic). My favorite non-CDB beer is New Glarus’ Spotted Cow, born and raised Sconnie here. <translation: Sconnie=Wisconsinite>

What do you do for fun outside of work?
I love hanging out with my family, watching my kids involved in their extra-curricular activities, snowmobiling, and traveling.

If you could play any music in the taproom, what would it be?
70s and 80s music; it’s my jam!

Do you know any foreign languages? If so, what are they?
I learned some German while we lived there for three years during Todd’s last military tour; I’m a bit rusty now though.

What is the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to?
Prague has so much history and culture; the art, food, beer, and music were unforgettable.

If you were a flavor of ice cream, what flavor would you be and why?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; I’m just the right amount of dependability and sweetness with small chunks of happy. 😜

Describe one crazy moment or memory you’ve had at Castle Danger.
I’ve had my fair share of beer sprayed on me. Once I got soaked changing a keg and ended up buying another CDB shirt. I’ve got quite the collection.

Thanks for everything that you do, Cynde! We love you.