One of the best ways you can help us free the growler is to reach out to your Minnesota state representatives.


If you’re a little shy or if this is your first time contacting your representative, below is a sample script for calling and leaving a voicemail. Calling makes the biggest impact!


“Dear {Insert your representative’s name here},

I’m a constituent in your district and a supporter of the Minnesota craft beer industry. Our local breweries need your help.

Did you know that only five breweries in Minnesota can’t sell growlers? These are local businesses that support our communities! The arbitrary Minnesota growler cap says when a brewery produces 20,000 barrels of beer in a year, it can’t sell growlers.

These five breweries are small, Minnesota-made and -owned businesses. Why are we penalizing local businesses for being successful? We need to redefine what a large brewery is, so our local breweries aren’t competing with the huge, out-of-state corporations.

I encourage you to show your support for these locally-owned, small businesses and allow all breweries to sell growlers. As your constituent, I urge you to vote to remove the growler cap to #FreeTheGrowler and support the Minnesota craft beer industry.

Thank you for your time,
{Insert your name here}”

Emailing is Helpful, Too

If you are a little shy, or if you have already called your legislator and you want to reach out in as many ways as possible, you can email your legislators. We’ve made this easy for you. Enter your contact information below to send a pre-filled email to your local MN representatives. You can edit and personalize your email as well. Every email and call counts.