Cedar Drive Full Circle IPA

Cedar Drive Full Circle IPA

Fresh Hop IPA
Retired: Fall 2021

Cedar Drive Full Circle IPA bursts with aromas of fresh cut grass, earth tones, zesty citrus, and pine. It is medium bodied with pleasant bitterness. The clean malt profile allows these local fresh hops to shine and provide the taster with a true fresh hop experience and terroir of the North Shore. Our team went to Cedar Drive Stock Farm to hand pick these hops. We’re happy to keep it local and brew a special pilot system beer with these fresh hops! Only on tap at our taproom while it lasts (which won’t be long)!

More about Cedar Drive Stock Farm:

The Juten family farm is a Century Farm. It began in 1904 when Sven Juten obtained 44 acres along Eagle Lake in northeast Minnesota via the Homestead Act. Five years later, Sven left the land to his son, Axel. At age 21, Axel raised a few cows, chickens and pigs. In 1925, he purchased more land and started milking cows. The herd grew to 50 head. Axel stopped milking in 1943.
Don and his brother, Fran, purchased the farm from their father in 1970 and incorporated it. Don hauled milk from Franklin Creamery to feed the pigs. The Jutens also recycled pizza crusts from Jeno’s Pizza to feed their growing hog herd. When Jeno’s left Duluth in 1982, the Jutens ended their extensive hog operation.
Over the years the Jutens purchased more land as it became available, reaching 1,640 acres producing timber, gravel, land development and livestock. In 2009, Don’s sons, Jay and Gary, purchased the farm.
The current farm has 1,430 acres, 160 beef cows and 150 calves. The family harvests 350 acres of hay for the livestock. The Jutens continue to develop watering systems and improved fencing for continued growth of their herd.
The Juten family is very active in community service. Don serves on the local township board and as a fire warden. Gary is a member of the local zoning board. Jay is a member of the Farm Service Agency committee and serves on the Forage and Grassland Council board.

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