Cerebral Enhance-o-Tron

Cerebral Enhance-o-Tron

Hazy Pale Ale
Retired: Summer 2023

Step into the whimsical world of “Cerebral Enhance-o-Tron,” a Hazy Pale Ale that pays homage to the imaginative universe of Calvin and Hobbes. This extraordinary brew infuses the essence of playful wonder and creativity into every sip. With a hazy, golden appearance, it delights the senses with an enchanting fusion of tropical and citrus hop flavors, complemented by a touch of sweetness from carefully selected malts.

Inspired by Calvin’s ingenious inventions, “Cerebral Enhance-o-Tron” delivers a delightful twist by offering a burst of imagination with each gulp. This beer is another invention from our Head Brewer (Patrick) – his signature is using a Calvin and Hobbes reference in the name.

Enjoy this beer at the taproom only while it lasts!