Cherry Lime Lager

Cherry Lime Lager

Fruited Premium Lager
Pilot System: Spring 2024

Introducing Cherry Lime Lager, the ultimate thirst-quencher for those laid-back moments. This beer takes the classic premium lager and infuses it with the tantalizing duo of cherry and lime, resulting in a concoction that’s both crushable and refreshing. Picture yourself at our taproom on a sunny spring day, sipping on this fruity elixir, with its subtle tang of lime and the sweet kiss of cherry making each sip a mini vacation for your taste buds. Whether you’re chilling with friends on the patio or just unwinding solo, Cherry Lime Lager is your go-to choice for easy-drinking enjoyment.

Available at our taproom for a limited time. Come and get a pint while you can!




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#nofilterneeded I’ll stop looking…. In a little bit 😏😉#castledangerbrewery jasonlake72
A quick…. the adults were thirsty…. pit stop. 🍻