Nordic Revival

Nordic Revival

Spiced Lager
Pilot System: Winter 2023/2024

Nordic Revival is your go-to for unwinding during or after a sauna session. Picture subtle citrus aromas, a mix of orange peel and lemon/lime, along with a clean, hay-like malt backdrop. The first sip brings out mild fruity notes, leading to a well-balanced juniper touch that lingers pleasantly. Overall, it’s a mildly fruity beer with a hint of gin-like juniper on the finish—perfect for those seeking a balanced blend of flavors to cool down and enjoy in tranquility.
Based on a fan-favorite, Nordic, Nordic Revival takes all the things you loved about the original beer and adds a dose of refreshing.
Only available at our taproom in Two Harbors for the time being. Come and get it while it’s available!




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Adults weekend “up north” starts NOW! 🍻

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