Scottish Heavy

Scottish Heavy

Scottish Heavy Ale
Retired: Fall 2023

Our Scottish Heavy Ale is a captivating brew, pouring a light copper hue and emitting delightful scents of pecans, toffee, and subtle dark fruit undertones. Savor the rich flavors of bread crust and toffee, with a touch of light fruit and caramel, all while enjoying its light body and medium carbonation. This beer beautifully encapsulates the essence of Scottish brewing traditions, blending innovation and heritage into a refreshing and memorable glass of liquid gold. Cheers to the fall!

This beer is also part of our Pints for a Cause program – $1 of every pint will go to Community Partners. Here is their mission: Connecting individuals and their caregivers to community-based support and services so that people 60 and beyond may independently remain in their homes, in their community, surrounded by family, friends, and neighbors who know them and love them best.