Spaceman Spiff

Spaceman Spiff

New England IPA/Hazy IPA
Retired: Summer 2021

Have you ever heard of Calvin & Hobbes? Spaceman Spiff is one of Calvin’s alter egos who travels across the galaxy in a flying red saucer and blasts aliens with his ray gun. One of the brewers who worked on this beer is a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes fan (aren’t we all) and he wanted to name it after a character from the comics.

Spaceman Spiff packs a punch of pineapple, peach, and citrus/floral on the nose. It is full-bodied with a pillowy mouthfeel. It has balanced-low bitterness and is gently mouthwatering. It’s dangerously good! Come and try it only at our taproom in Two Harbors!

Brewed by Patrick and Peter