Wolf Ridge Dark Lager

Wolf Ridge Dark Lager

Dark Lager
Retired: Winter 2024

Join us in supporting a cause with every sip – introducing Wolf Ridge Dark Lager, a member of our Pints for a Cause program. This craft beer blends subtle minerality, light roast coffee, a touch of milk chocolate, and the sweet essence of dried fruit on the nose. The taste unfolds as a delicate balance of light roast coffee, a hint of roast, and a lingering chocolate presence. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving behind a refreshing bitterness that ties it all together. What sets this brew apart is not just its exceptional flavor profile but also its commitment to making a positive impact. As part of our Pints for a Cause initiative, proceeds from Wolf Ridge Dark Lager contribute to the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, making each sip a small but meaningful step toward supporting environmental education and conservation efforts. Raise your glass and savor the flavor of a beer that stands for something more – where every pint truly makes a difference.

Available only at our taproom in Two Harbors while it lasts!